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   Jewelry and Metal Objects
This is how I begin the piece, two discs and a piece of thick, round wire.The wire is cut into three.I use a rolling mill to taper the wire into a thin point.I use a forging hammer to spread the gold into the proper shape.Using a jeweler's saw, I cut the pieces to more closely resemble turnip greens.I engrave veins onto the leaves and shape them further.I solder the tips of the leaves together.I form the two discs into hemispheres using a dapping block. the two halves are soldered together and the seam is sanded smooth.  I also added some texture with a graver.I solder the pieces together.Here is a penny, shown for scale.Here is the finished piece mounted on a chain.
Turnip Pendant
14K Gold
Here are some photographs illustrating the process and some of the techniques I used to make this turnip out of 14K gold.  Click on the thumbnails below to see a slideshow.